124 W 9th St. | Hays, KS 67601| (785) 628-2700

124 W 9th St. | Hays, KS 67601| (785) 628-2700

Automotive Audio – Video

Low Pro Sub


Stream your favorite music, enjoy hands-free calling and master voice recognition all while enjoying optimal sound quality through state of the art speakers, sub-woofers, amplifiers and more.

Premium Video


Headrest or flip-down video systems can make your next family trip an even better adventure. Enjoy the features of a back-up camera for increased safety. Feel more secure with navigation features with an in-dash video system. Have another video need in mind? We can help with that too! 



Enjoy the features that make life simpler. Looking to add remote start or keyless entry? How about an enhanced security through your vehicle alarm system? No matter what ultimate upgraded accessory your heart desires, our team can help you find a solution for your unique needs.